Dr. Greene

Dr. Greene

Dr. Greene:

Recently, I just got an email from a member of our community who asked me to keep her identity private. She discussed that she had an issue with depression for a couple of years and recently, her mental health is getting worse. In fact, she said that there are times when she keeps on thinking of committing suicide.

Depression is a serious issue. Before it leads to an even bigger issue like suicide, it is important for it to be properly addressed. Here are some tips that you can undertake on your own:

1. Determine what causes your depression.

It is very important to know the underlying cause of your depression. It can be due to a personal problem, death in the family, debt and so on. Knowing the root cause is vital so that it can be addressed in the soonest possible time. Also, knowing the cause can help determine the kind of treatment needed.

2. See a specialist.

The first step to combatting depression is to seek treatment. Find out what options are available for you. You can search through this website to look for possible therapists or medical professionals nearest you.

3. Get support or assistance.

While seeing depression experts can help, it is important for you to be able to open up with your family or your close circle of friends about what you feel. You can even check out support groups to help you cope. Or, you can try to connect with other members of our forum and seek the help that you require.

4. Get medications.

Your medical professional or specialist will most likely offer you medications. Make sure that you take these religiously or follow the set schedule. Doing this will ensure that your treatment will run its course.